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Purified Drinking Water and Ice

Water Store in Sandy, Utah

8-Stage Purification System

How our Purification System Works

Refilling five gallon drinking water bottlesMost reverse osmosis units waste between three to five gallons of purified water per one gallon produced. Our system has been designed to be environmentally friendly; therefore, we only waste about 1/3 of a gallon for every gallon of purified water attained. Throughout our system we have installed check valves and back flow protection valves to prevent the municipal water from contaminating any of the purified water. 

Ion Exchange

The Ion Exchange removes any metals, radiation, and corrosive scale. Eliminating these contaminates not only is the first step to clean water but helps to prolong RO membrane life.

Granular Activated Carbon Filter

The GAC Filter removes chemicals, such as chlorine and lead obtained from corroded pipes in our water systems.


This 1 micron sediment filter removes all sediment from the water, such as loose scale and organic materials.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filtration

The membrane of the RO unit removes salts and other impurities from the municipal water. The purified water is then sent to an FDA approved polyethylene holding tank. The impurities from the water and some waste water are disposed of. However, our system recycles some of this waste water through the RO unit again. To help save on water consumption and obtain the most purified water possible from the least amount of municipal, ‘tap’ water.

Ozone Generator

Ozone is the fastest and most thorough disinfectant available for water, while leaving no harmful residue or chemicals in the water. Ozone is 3200 times more effective than chlorine, yet reverts back to oxygen within a few hours. And Ozone is completely safe to drink! At this point, the Ozone is injected into the water as it passes through a venturi.

Ozone Contact Tank

This allows for a through mixing of the Ozone and water. Key: The smaller the bubbles, the more useful the Ozone is in disinfecting. The injection of the Ozone in the holding tanks is administered at scheduled times throughout the day. This process never allows our water to sit for long periods of time which is why it always tastes clean, fresh.

Post GAC Filtration

The post carbon filtration takes place in order to ‘polish the water’. This stage catches anything that may have been missed as well as removing any tastes and/or odors the water that may have collected from the equipment and\or initial water supply.

Ultraviolet Disinfections

The ultraviolet treatment is a secondary disinfectant that aids in eliminating any biological contaminates such as giardia and cryptosporidium.